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Motorhome Water Kits:

Combitronic system with 240 volt boost on hook-up

& Hydroplate Eberspacher's new ultracompact diesel only system.

Extend your camping and outdoor season for as long as you want. Wherever you are and whatever the weather your Eberspächer heater will keep the passenger compartment or saloon, cozy and warm.

motorhome, mobile home water heating air flow diagram

Have fun in the snow or enjoy the first barbecue of spring, when you get back to your “Mobile home“, you can be met by a pleasant temperature – thanks to the optional remote control. An Eberspacher heater provides all the heat you need and ensures a pleasant sleeping climate in even the coldest of nights. You can’t get much more independent than that!

Eberspacher has been developing and producing heaters for motorhomes for years – in close co-operation with numerous, renowned manufacturers of leisure vehicles.
This is why you can order your original Eberspacher heater, for many types of vehicle directly from the works.
You will find competent partners to take care of all your needs for comfortable warmth throughout the world.

You want to heat not only the saloon but the domestic water too, and keep the windows clear in your motorhome? If so, the Eberspacher Hydronic water heater system is the ideal choice.
This extremely compact system primarily heats the coolant system which provides a comfortable saloon temperature. Even more comfort is available with hot water at the flick of a switch, enough for a good long shower. The engine also heats up rapidly when you set off and quickly reaches it's optimum working temperature, if the heater is also plumbed in to the engine coolant system.

Hydronic Water Flow Diagram - Click to enlarge image

Eberspacher's Combitronic system incorporates the new, very compact 'drop coil' calorifier which continually heats domestic hot water whenever the system is switched on.
This new process reduces the domestic hot water recovery time to an absolute minimum and makes for an even move space saving system.

Available in two versions. The basic system provides 3.5kW of diesel fired warm air heating and domestic hot water, the deluxe version provides up to 5kW of warm air heating from a combined diesel and 240 volt AC electric hook up. The deluxe version will automatically provide 1.5kW of warm air heating and domestic water without the need for the diesel burner. The diesel burner will only fire, if the system senses that more than 1.5kW is required to satisfy the interior temperature that has been selected by the operator.

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Eberspacher's new Hydroplate system utelises the latest plate heat exchanger technology to provide domestic warm water for showering and washing, while also being able to provide warm air heating using the supplied 1.7kW fan matrix.


Hydroplate can be connected to the vehicle's main diesel tank, or to a separate diesel supply and when switched on, after approximately 10-15 minutes, it can provide water at a constant temperature of 40°C when used with a domestic water pump with a flow rate in the range 6 to 11 litres per minute.

With Hydroplate there is no need to accommodate a separate bulky indirect hot water tank (calorifier) making the system ideal for smaller motorhomes and caravans. With the supplied 1.7kW fan matrix connected, Hydroplate can provide warm air heating for the interior. All this without the need for bottled gas.

As Hydroplate is diesel fired, the system can be used on the move providing heating to the back of a vehicle so that occupants in rear can be as warm as the driver while travelling.

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