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Microwave Cookers:

FM12240 Microwave for 12 volt DC and 240 volt AC operation.

Particularly suitable for vehicles and boats, our low power 240 volt microwave oven is perfectly matched to a small external inverter for economical 12 volt DC

For those looking to replace older makes of 12 volt microwaves, our new FM12240 can be installed without any need to upgrade the batteries or charging system. Dimensionally smaller and lighter than previously available 12 volt microwaves, the FM12240 will prove to be an easy fit as a replacement or as a new install.

The microwave is of conventional design, finished in white with a black plastic door window, glass turntable and is supplied with mounting/hold down brackets. Simple rotating dial controls for power and time settings means there is never a need to re-programme if the power supply is lost.

The inverter is a separate high quality unit perfectly matched in output to the microwave. Additional 240 volt equipment should not be connected to the inverter.

With the inverter switched on, the microwave can be operated in a similar way to a conventional domestic unit. However, cooking times will need to be increased by approximately 1/3 when compared to an 800w oven. Although cooking times are a little longer, the end result will be very comparable to a high power domestic oven but with the advantage of a lower power draw, this being far kinder to batteries.

Simple installation
The FM12240 is supplied complete with mounting brackets fixed to each side of the oven, making for a rigid, secure installation. A conventional 13 amp plug connects to the inverter, heavy duty battery cables must be used between the inverter and the batteries.

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FM12240 microwave cooker

FM12240 500w 12v/240v microwave / inverter: POA

FM24050 500w 240 volt only microwave oven:POA


  • 17 litre capacity.
  • 6 power settings.
  • 30 minute timer.
  • Interior light.
  • Revolving glass plate.
  • Mounting brackets

Safety features
Over temperature protection.
Cooling fan

Thermal proptection
Overload protection.
Short circuit protection.
Low voltage shutdown.

Technical data
FM12240 microwave

12 DC – Inverter
230v AC – Microwave oven

Power Input 850w
Output 500w
Cable requirement/Inverter 25mm² up to 3M
35mm² up to 10M
Power consumption 68a – 12.5v
3.7a – 230v
Dimensions microwave 452mm x 262mm x 330mm
Dimensions inverter 180mm x 150mm x 65mm
Weight microwave 9.8kg
Weight inverter 1.8kg

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