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Bycool Roof Mount Greenline Air Conditioning
and Blueline Evaporative Coolers:


Click on the images below for more information on each specific product type, or
for the full pdf brochure click here (pdf format):

  Minicool   minicool 3.0   IntPower
  12 volt Dirna Bycool
Greenline Compact 1.4
  24 volt Dirna Bycool
Greenline Compact 3.0kW
  Heavy duty 12 & 24 volt Dirna Bycool
Greenline Integral Power

The Minicool product range came about as a consequence of demand for an air conditioning system with a compressor for use with the engine switched off. It is a standalone air conditioning system with electrical compressors in a closed circuit. All units in the Minicool range are fully automatic and have second-generation inverter technology. Cooling power is regulated automatically with minimum consumption.

Minicool systems are the perfect solution for overnight rest in the truck cabin, and,depending on the model, can also be used to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin during goods loading and unloading operations, compulsory stoppage periods or when resting or eating, etc. The Minicool units do not need the vehicle motor to be idling, leading to significant savings in fuel consumption. The extensive Minicool range is designed to adapt to the individual needs of each customer in terms of the space to cool and the climatological conditions of the working environment..

Fuel saving
Fuel cost savings are achieved when using the unit overnight, since the engine does not need to be idling, thus allowing proper rest or sleep inside the cabin during the summer months. The same occurs with logistics stops for the loading and unloading of goods during the day, when the Minicool Compact 3.0 N&D, of 3000 W of power, and the Minicool Compact 2.0, of 2000 W of power, can be used for climate control inside the cabin.

100% Ecological
By preventing atmospheric emissions of CO2, the units in the Minicool range are the perfect ally for the environment and are compatible with the requirements of the North American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and with EU regulations on anti-idling in haulage vehicles (parking coolers). The unit increases road safety by allowing proper rest and sleep through the use of air conditioning in the cabin without the engine running.


  • Does not consume fuel.
  • Allows movement or rest in the cabin in favourable temperature conditions, thus avoiding overnight accommodation costs.


  • Since it is entirely electric, it prevents emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.


  • Availability of equipment for installation on the roof or rear wall.
  • 2 operation modes: automatic or manual mode.
  • Total control of the functions at distance from the remote control (by way of radio frequency) or from the electronic keypad of the console.
  • Simple fitting without having to drill the cabin roof.
  • Can be adjusted to all types of hatches.
  • Digital thermometer (temperature reading in ºC and ºF).
  • Interior control panel and distribution with high quality finishes.
  • Preloaded systems which reduce installation time and guarantee operating quality in the assembly process (except Dinamic).
  • Technical assistance network.
  • 2 year warranty for all parts, in accordance with our general sales conditions; check our website.


  • The unit has a double battery protection system to guarantee that the vehicle engine will start up in all cases.
  • Prevents noise and engine wear as commonly found with standard air



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